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We're a Directory & Community for Black Women

It shouldn't be so hard for Black women to find someone to do their hair!
No matter what the style, or where you live.

Short Hair

Short haircuts on black women isn't a skill equal to every black hairstylist. Can you shape, blend and taper?


Every weave girl wants her hair to be tight.  Make sure yours is being tightened up by a master.

Natural Hair

So you went natural, but YouTube only got you so far. Now it's time to call in a professional.


There are a lot of stylists that can do braids, but maybe you want your edges in tact next week.

​Long Hair/Hair Care

​You've worked hard to achieve that long hair, but you DO care. You need a stylist who can help you keep it there.

​Color Specialist

​If you're looking for color beyond the box, without compromising your hair's health, you need a professional colorist.


​Whether your kid's hair is delicate, or she's tender-headed, or you just don't know what to do with it...you need a stylist that works with kids.

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Rate & Review

Word of mouth can do wonders, and the internet can really do wonders...in a good way, for stylists who are doing great things.

​Stylist Rating

​Stylist Rating

Rate your stylist and share what people really need to know. Was the experience
professional? Were they on time or running 4 hours late?
How many people were scheduled at the same time as you?  
How did your hair turn out?


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